Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End Results of Freezer Cooking Day

Here are the end results of my freezer cooking day last week. It only took me 4 hours in the kitchen. That includes clean up and all, not bad huh?!?

This is an awesome recipe for Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls from MoneySavingMom. I gave a pan to my mom to take with her this weekend camping. Everyone loved it. Actually a lady she works with wants me to make her some. Delicious and easy.

Banana bread muffins. Great for freezing. Just wrap individually in saran wrap and place in freezer bag. They thaw out quickly.

Stuffed Shells for seven dinners, remember it's just my daughter and I.

Fifteen Fajitas and three stuffed peppers. Fifteen homemade tortillas. Yummy!!

Also not pictured is five taco burritos, one coconut rosemary meatloaf, and french toast sticks. This should last us at least a month. All we have to do is add some side dishes(applesauce) and dinner is done.

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  1. When you made the stuffed shells did u cook it all first then freeze it? If so would I just heat it up in the oven after its been froze?