Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End Results of Freezer Cooking Day

This Freezer Cooking Day went pretty smooth. There was not a lot of recipes on my list but well worth my time. A little less than 3 hours and plenty of food in the freezer.

10-granola bars (recipe from Heavenly Homemakers)
2- Pumpkin pies
2- pans of Lasagna
8- Hot dog muffins
Mini banana muffins
3- pans of Spicy Chicken and Rice

The list looks smaller than I thought. We had enough sweets so I skipped over the peanut butter cookies. Simply forgot about the pizza dough, gonna make that today. We love this recipe, very easy to make and delicious. BBQ chicken pizza is the next recipe on my list to try, yummy!!

Did you do any cooking this week? Come link up your goodies!!

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  1. Hot dog muffins sounds neat. Good work.