Sunday, December 5, 2010

Line Drying even in the Winter

Now that winter is here you might think you have to use your dryer to dry your clothes. Not true! The sun is still shining, most of the days. You just have to schedule your laundry days around the weather.

If you have a wood stove or fire place you can hang your clothes on racks and put beside the fire. It usually takes a load of laundry to dry about 2 hours beside my wood stove. I will rotate the racks so both sides get even drying time. Try putting the racks outside facing the sun. If they are not fully dried by dark bring them in and put over the heater vent.

You can still line dry your clothes outside, just make sure you get them out there in the morning so they will have plenty of time to dry before the sun goes down, at 5pm, yuck! Watch the weather channel and see if it's going to be a sunny day or cloudy. If it's sunny, throw in that load of clothes and head outside.

It takes a little more work to dry your clothes in the winter but it's well worth it when that electric bill comes in the mail. Don't forget your helping the environment too.

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