Monday, May 11, 2009

Coupons are a great way of saving money. They don't take long to cut or click. There are alot of sites with coupons. is a great one. Your local newspaper is another great place to find coupons. I file my coupons in an organizer with labels stating frozen, dog food, snacks, cleaning supplies, etc.. Then I go to my local grocery stores web site and compare what they have on sale to my coupons. I never pay regular price.
Yesterday I took a trip to super walmart. They have Kraft salad dressing for $1.58, I had clipped a coupon out of Sundays insert for $1.50 off Kraft dressing=spending only .08 cents. I had more coupons also, that wasn't the only thing I bought. I was unaware that they didn't take internet coupons. I tried using a coupon for the new V8 fusion drinks and the cashier said they didn't take them. Bummer for them, I didn't buy the V8 fusion.

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