Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Thanks to my wonderful mother, she found another strawberry patch nearby and brought me some berries. She gave me 20 lbs. I only used 7-8lbs for the jams. They were $1.49lb for pick your own. Not to bad for fresh strawberries riped on the vine. They are so sweet, YUM!! Some of the berries I made into freezer jam. I followed the recipe on the sure-jell box. It was very, very easy. It took my all of 30 mins., to wash, stir, ladle and put of the tops. The freezer jam are in the plastic containers with the purple lids, notice a difference in color. When you cook the berries they turn darker. Both jams are very sweet and delicious. The sealed canned jars took a little longer. They took 2 hours from start to finish. We have to wash the jars and bans, boil the flat lids, boil your water for canning(it's a big pot,takes a while),then stir berries with sure-jell and cook to a full rolling boil. Add sugar and boil again. Ladle into jar, wipe down the side and tops for spills, put on flat lid and ring. Screw on tight and load into your pot to can. The exact recipe comes with the sure-jell. It cost me approx. $16.00 to make all those jars. I don't even know the cost of jam in the store. I'm sure its a big savings. I also save these for Christmas presents. The strawberry jams are always a favorite.

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