Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My recent trip to Harris Teeter was a huge savings for me. Everything I bought was on sale and I had coupons for. My local Harris Teeter doubles coupons up to .99cents. Total before coupons and vic card was $63.83, total after vic card and coupons was $16.51, a savings of $47.32. That is a 75% savings. My strategy is: I clip every coupon I see that I would like to have if it was free, if you don't have dogs you probably won't need to clip dog food coupons. Then I organize them in my coupon binder. I check the local grocery store ads each week and compare their specials with my coupons. Example: wishbone salad dressing was buy one get one free @ $3.15, I clipped a .75 cent coupon, they doubled that for a savings of $1.50. Total paid for two wish bone dressing were $1.65. Harris Teeter had two baskets full of discounted dog and cat treats. They had Jerky treats, regular price $4.19, on sale for $2.09, had coupon for $1.00 off= $1.09 total paid. Always check the clearance baskets or racks. You can find some good buys on them. Here is a picture of some of my shopping, I gave the cereal to my sister and also had two bags of cat food not pictured. Disregard the date on the picture, haven't figured out how to change that yet.

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