Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gratituesday: Thankful for a safe Holiday!

This Gratitiuesday I am thankful that my family had a safe and happy holiday.

Thanksgiving Day my sister, her husband and four children, my mom and step father all came to our house. I cooked the turkey and everybody brought a dish. We had more than enough food as usual. I think I gained 10lbs on Thursday alone.

On Sunday, we all packed up and went to have Thanksgiving dinner with my 87 year old great aunt at the nursing home. Her sisters, which are 90 and 83 also came. Along with my 83 year old Grandmother. We rented one of their party rooms and enjoyed another big feast, another 10lbs.

Everyone returned home safe and sound with full tummies. Now it's time to work off all that stuffing and mashed potatoes.

My beautiful teenager eating her Thanksgiving dinner. I think she is ggrrroowwlliinngg at me.

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