Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 5 of Eating Real Food Pledge

Hello everyone, it's day 5 of my Eat Real Food Pledge. I'm excited to say that I have lost 3 lbs. I think it's because of the "white" breads that I have cut out of my diet. No donuts, no white bread, no pastries. You know how I love to bake my goodies. I'm still making my delicious treats, just with healthier ingredients now. Try these mini apple pies. They are so yummy!!


Whole wheat toast with homemade apple butter (recipe coming soon)
Cup of black coffee


Whole wheat tortilla with refried beans, lettuce and homemade salsa
applesauce for desert


Baked chicken in crock-pot, salad, whole wheat rolls. Mini apple pie's for desert.

So far so good. It hasn't been as tuff as I thought it would be. My 13 year old niece tried it with me but on day 3 she had enough. A for effort Kia :) It's hard for kids to eat healthy when everything around them SCREAMS eat me. There are so many bad choices for kids and very few healthy choices. Kia had a very hard time during lunch. When she packed from home she did fine, when it came to buying school lunch, forget it. All bad choices. The school didn't offer salad or fresh fruit. What's a kid suppose to do but eat the bad choices. Somethings gotta give with these school lunches.

I would love to know what healthy lunches you pack for your kids? How do you get your kids to try new healthy foods?

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