Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Time to Plant the Potatoes

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. No, I'm not Irish, but I do love my potatoes. And today is the day to plant your potatoes, at least here in Virginia.

I usually have always planted my potatoes in hills. This year I decided to plant them in rows. Not sure if there will be a difference in how they will grow, just the method of planting. Make sure when you cut your seed potatoes that each piece of potato has two eyes. This is where the steams will grow. I use to plant two pieces of cut potato in each hill, but this year I just spaced them about 10- 12 inches apart. We'll see how it goes.

Place potato about 5" below the ground, making sure eyes are facing up. Cover will soil. When the potato start to grow make sure to keep the dirt piled up around the base of the steam. You don't want any light getting to the potato, that's were "green" potatoes come from.

Your potatoes will grow nice big green leaves. Then they will have flowers bloom and then die. When the steams are all dead, it's time to dig up your potatoes. You can dig around the base of the plant earlier if you want tiny potatoes. They are great for pastas or thrown in with green beans.

Happy planting!!

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