Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keeping a Journal of your Garden: Part 1

Spring is definitely in the air here in Virginia. It's a great 80 degrees, the bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming and the tillers are tilling.

When you go to plant your garden this year, try keeping a journal. It's great way to keep track of the things happening in your garden. Get a little note book, date it March 2012-Garden Journal.

-Write down in your journal when you see signs of insects start attacking your plants. This will help for next years crop. You can attack before they hatch.

-Write down when you planted those row of green beans and how long it took to come up.

-Write in your journal the variety of plants you planted.
Lets say you planted big boy tomatoes, early girls, beef stack and striped. You can keep track of how they grew, which ones produced the best and your favorite ones.

Believe me, you think you'll remember these things next year, you won't.

It's also a good idea to write down where in your garden you planted what plant. You should rotate your vegetables every 2-3 years. Different plants need different nutrients from the soil. Rotating them helps to keep a balanced soil. Just remember not to plant your potatoes where your tomatoes where last year. They are in the same family of plants.

One of my goals this year is to keep track of how much money I spend in plants and seeds, then weigh all my vegetables and see how much money I've saved. I think we'll all be surprised with the savings.

Till next time with our Garden journal. Happy Gardening!!!!

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