Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Couponing for beginners

It might seem overwhelming to beginners about couponing. Once you get a system down that works for you it can be fun. Here are some steps to take for beginners.
Finding coupons: Sunday papers have some great coupons. Clip all the coupons you see that you could use. Don't clip coupons that you'll never use, such as dog food if you have no dog. Smart source, Red plum and have great coupons. Click what you like, print and cut. All You magazine has great coupons also. You can find it at Walmart. Freebies come with coupons too. Freebies4mom, moneysavingmom, frugalinva and becentsable are some great sites for freebies.
Organizing: There are different ways to organize your coupons. I use a coupon organizer with labeled sections. Example(frozen, snacks, cleaning supplies, candy, bread, pet food, canned food, etc.) You can label them to your shopping needs. Here and here are some other ways to organize your coupons.
Deal Seeking: I recommend signing up for weekly emails from your local grocery stores. They will email you the specials for the week. Harris Teeters e-vic customers get extra savings for the week just for registering you vic card.
My Strategy is: I look through the weekly specials at my local grocery store and match up my coupons with their specials. If their is a buy one get one free item, check the stores policy to see if they give half off one item. This works great for me because it is only my daughter and I. We can't eat two boxes of cereal before they go bad. You can use two coupons for BOGO items if you purchase two. Last month my savings were 48% spending only $24 a week per person in my house.
Stock Pile: Stock piling is a great way to save. Toilet tissue, diapers, shampoos, soaps, femine iems, toothpaste all have a long expiration date. There are alot of coupons for these items also. When they go on sale, match your coupons up and stock pile. I also stock pile on food. Example-carrots were on sale the other week for .79 a bag. I bought a couple of bags, cut them up, cooked them and frozen them. I will use them in soups and stews. I do the same with meats. Alot of grocery stores will have meat on sale in the large quantity packages. I will divide up the meat into quart size freezer bags-enough for a meal for two. You can plan your meals around weekly grocery stores specials. If chicken is on sale one week, make meals with chicken.
Make couponing a family event. Have your children clip coupons and organize them for you. Give them rewards like a box of gummies if they clip X amount of coupons or a nickel for every coupon they clip that gets use during that shopping trip. This will take off some of the pressure that mom and dad might have. You will be amazed at all the savings that are out there. Just a little clipping, cutting and clicking and your on your way to savings. I would love to hear about your savings. Leave comments below:)

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