Friday, July 17, 2009

My daughter's 15th Birthday!!!!

My gorgeous daughter, Alexis, turned 15 today. How time flies! She has been wanting a Nikon camera. She finally got enough money from her birthday party to buy it. Here is a picture of her cupcakes I made for her party. I found the recipe in a magazine and thought they would be cute to make. I think they turned out great. I mixed approx. 1/4 cup cream cheese icing with blue food coloring, don't mix thoroughly, you want the multi color look. Icing your cup cake with the plain cream cheese icing all over. Spoon brown sugar over half the cupcake, take you blue icing with a butter knife and whip up some waves. I used peppermint candies for the beach balls and little craft umbrellas. It was a little time consuming but they were fun. I would love the hear your cupcake ideas. Leave a comment below.

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