Monday, July 6, 2009

Total Savings In June

Have you ever added up the total money spent on grocery for a month? Last month I saved all of my grocery receipts and added them up to see what my savings were. My total before coupons and savings cards was $368.97, after coupons and cards $192.46. A savings of $176.51 (48%). Not to bad, but I thought I could have done better. So this month I am giving myself a challenge. I am trying to have at least 50% savings on my grocery bill. Here is a break down of each grocery store I went to and the amount of savings.

Stores: Spent: Saved:

Food lion $39.01 $21.83 (35%)
Kroger $28.11 $15.91 (35%)
Giant $54.65 $42.35 (44%)
Farmer's Food $36.22 $48.96 (57%)
Harris Teeter $34.47 $47.46 (58%)

Total: $192.46 $176.51 (48%)
Do you have any great grocery store savings? I would love to hear about them. Leave me a comment.

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