Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make your own starter pots

March is here and so is the time for starting your seeds indoors. I usually buy those starter pots that you transfer straight to the ground, but they can get expensive.
If you are like me and have alot of newspaper lying around, turn them into starter pots. You can transfer them straight to the ground. Most of the ink that the paper uses are made of soy so it won't hurt your plants.

Take one side of your newspaper and cut it in half. Wrap the newspaper around a can (chicken noodle soup works great) There will be approx. 1 1/2 inches hanging over the bottom. Fold that in four times and push the can down the mash it together. Pull out your can and voila, you have a starter pot. I would put these in a plastic tray filled with dirt your favorite seeds.

My seed list: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash and Peppers
What will you plant?

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