Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bargain shopping at Thrift stores

Shopping at thrift stores, Goodwill and yard sales can save you a lot of money. The Goodwill is one of my favorite discount stores to shop at. It takes time to go through all their goodies but well worth it in the end. I have bought Lucky Brand and American Eagle jeans for $4.00. Sam and Libby shoes for $3.00. Goodwill also sells dishes, glass wear, desks, lamps, etc.

Yard Sales are another great source for buying items you need or want. Also church yard sales are usually really good. The members donate things for the sale to help raise money for the church. My grandmother recently found me a pair of Nike shox for $3.00 at a yard sale. They were only worn once and she didn't like them. Yard Sales can be a fun family affair. Check your local paper for yard sales in your area. Circle the ones that are close by. Get the kids up early and maybe give them a few dollars to shop with. They can learn to count the money, adding up the totals, and shopping frugal.

Thrift Stores are another great place to find bargains. Check out your local Salvation Army stores.

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