Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shopping at the Local Farmer's Market

Shopping at your local farmer's market can save you money and help out your local farmer's.

I am very lucky that I live in an area that has two farmer's markets close by. One on Tuesdays and one on Wednesdays. No excuse for not having fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here are some things I bought at yesterdays market.

Green/Red peppers: 3 for $1.00
Local raw honey: $7.00

2.5 lbs of fresh green beans: $3.00

I can't think of anything more tasty than a fresh pot of green beans. Add some bacon and butter and can we say Yummy!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows freezer cooking day. The peppers are getting used for "stuffed peppers". I hope to have the end results posted tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

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