Friday, July 30, 2010

HELP!!! How do you kill bamboo?

Have you ever thought about planting bamboo? Don't

I have always liked the looks of bamboo so a couple of summers ago I planted two stalks. One died and one lived. It did not grow very fast the first two years, then all of the sudden I had a thick wall of bamboo. It did it's job of blocking the view of the road from my pool. I still enjoyed looking at the bamboo.

One day my brother-in law tells me about a picture he seen of bamboo growing through concrete. I had nightmares that night about my bamboo coming throw my floors. I had decided that the bamboo had to go. We cut it down, but the roots go forever, so it seems. There are new shoots coming up daily. I have poured root killer on it, bleach and have tried digging out the roots. It's almost impossible.
All of the research I have done says to get a back hoe and dig it up or burn it. My porch is right beside of the bamboo and so is my gas tank, so fire is out of the question. If anyone has an suggestions, I'm willing to try anything.

Thanks, Amy

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