Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduation Party a Success & Under Budget

Graduation day has come and gone. My baby is done with high school and getting ready for college. I can't believe how time flies. I remember trying to put her on the bus for kindergarten. I say "trying" because when the bus pulled up and opened the doors, she looked up and took off running. We could not catch her and the bus could not wait. We had to drive her to school. Now she is driving her self around. Time flies!

Any hoot! Graduation was great. The ceremony started at 10am and lasted about two hours. Back to my house everyone came for a cook out. All together we had 72 people come. Friends, families, neighbors and co-workers. The weather was sunny and about 80 degrees. Just a light breeze and not humid. Wonderful!! Thank you Lord for a beautiful day :)

 I started planning the graduation party back in January. My budget was $500 for decorations, food, tables, etc.. Everything but the gifts. I went to Kroger back in April when they had corn on the cob for $0.19 cents and ear and purchased 40 ears, cut them in half and frozen them for the party. Kroger also had hot dogs on sale 10/ $10. Bought 10 packs of hot dogs and frozen them. We used coupons from Party City to get the decorations and picked up things along the way that were on sale. The cake was probably the biggest splurge. $48 from Walmart. Delicious cake! After all was done the party came in around $450. Not bad!

I defiantly have to thank my mom (in the blue) and my nana (beside mom) for all their hard work in helping make this party a success. Love you ladies :)

We even had people pitch tents and spend the night.
(my nephew, Jamie)
Will this night ever end?


  1. Successful under budget graduation party!! Wow, I am truly impressed with this. My best friend’s birthday is coming and I want to throw a surprise dinner party at beachside venue New York but I too have a small budget. But these ideas are inspiring me a lot! Will definitely try to keep it within budget.