Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buy Local, Buy Fresh, Save Money

Here are my goodies I bought from my local produce store, C-ville Market. If you live near the Charlottesville, Va area and haven't been to C-ville market, I suggest doing so. They have great local produce, yummy cheeses, wine and dairy items. Every week you can check their website for weekly specials. At the bottom of the page is a coupon for a FREE item. This week it is a 3lb. bag of onions. There are also coupons in the Val-Pak for extra savings. Here is a break down of what I bought.

Black cat shaped candies (for Halloween cupcakes): $1.22
Blue cheese crumbles: $3.43 ($7.79 lb.)
Mocha coffee candy (for the ride home): $1.40
Gummi bears: $1.05
Gummi pumpkins: $2.16
Bananas (reduced 0.29lb) 9.76lbs: $2.83
Sharp cheddar cheese: $3.28
Cucumbers (3 for 0.99): $0.99
Celery: $0.99
10lb. Russet potatos: $2.49
Green beans (0.99lb): $1.26
Local Peaches (0.99lb): $2.92
Red bell peppers (0.99lb): $1.55
Local Nectarine (0.99lb): $2.72
3lb. bag of Onions (0.99): Free with coupon
$5.00 off with coupon from Val-Pak

Total spent: $23.99

Buy Fresh, Buy Local and Save Money. Also, Check out your local Farmers Markets for great fruits and veggies.

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