Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Transplanting Your Seedlings

It's time to start transplanting those seedlings. I planted a few Black Krim tomato seeds back in late March and they are ready for a bigger home. You can start your seeds in a larger pot, one seed to each pot and you probably won't have to transplant. For me, I like to put 2-3 seeds in a smaller pot to make sure they will grow first before using bigger pots. The big pots take up more space in the house and more dirt to dig.

So, when transplanting your baby seedlings be gentle because they are delicate. I fill my larger pot with about 1/4 of dirt, then put in the seedling. Holding the stem, fill more dirt around the seedling until the dirt almost reaches the top leaves. Pack the dirt down with your fingers so no air reaches the roots. Your done! It's that easy.

Having their stem further in the ground helps to build a strong plant. In a few more weeks, I'll transplant them to their "big home", the garden.

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