Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening is really easy to do. No, you can't eat it but you can eat from it. Lasagna gardening is layering of dead material and live material.

You can plant immediately or wait a year. The lasagna garden will do better the longer it's in place. I decided to plant right away. One of my goals this summer is to grow as much food as possible to have a stock pile it for the winter months. Here is what you will need to start your lasagna garden:

Newspaper, peat moss, organic material (scraps from the kitchen, grass clippings, manure.)

Measure the area in which you want you garden. You can use sticks, rope, garden hose or just eyeball it. Lay down newspaper, 5 sheets thick. Lay down peat moss, about 2" thick. Lay down your organic material, several inches thick. Water until damp as a sponge. Plant your vegetables.

I keep layering with kitchen scraps after I have planted my vegetables. To my surprise, the pineapple decomposed really quickly. Do you Lasagna Garden? What do you grow?

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