Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Welcome 2012! A new year and new goals.

Last year I meet a lot of my goals:

-replaced back door
-removed skylights
-paid off two credit cards
-got 4 more chickens
-got rid of bamboo

Still working on:

-paying off last credit card (only 2 payments left)
-saving up 3 months worth of monthly bills

Goals for 2012:

-Give More (give more of God's money back to him)
-eat more meals at home
-try to eat as much of a vegan diet as possible (I love my cheese)
-expand my garden to be more fruitful this year
-finish master gardener class and get certified (starts Jan. 11)

All in all, I'm very blessed to have what I need. God is good. Let's see what He has in store for 2012.

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