Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cleaning out my Pantry: Part 2


No, your not looking at the same pictures. There is a little difference. I got rid of some "junk". For the most part my pantry is pretty healthy. I try to can a lot of my food from my garden in the summer so I don't have to buy processed vegetables that are loaded with salt and other preservatives. I eat a lot of beans and honey is my favorite sweetener. But I still needed to give the cabinets a "cleaning".


This year I have decided to teach my 17 year old how to grocery shop. I want her to learn how to check the item to see what price she is paying per ounce. You know, the little sign on the shelf that tells you "29.1 cents per oz". This way she can compare different items with coupons to see which is her best offer. She has also started clipping coupons.

Our agreement was that I would buy the main food to make meals and such. Any "junk" food that she wanted she would have to shop for. I'm hoping this will show her also how expensive junk food is. I hear people say that it is so expensive to eat healthy, I think it's expensive not to. If you can grow some of your food, you can cut back on your grocery bill significantly. That's a whole other post.

The left side of the cabinet is my side and the right side is hers. We'll have to see what gets put on her side. Betcha is won't be much....

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